About Us

Kannusamy  Pillai Sidda Ayurvedic Pharma

Kannusamy Pillai Ayruvedic  pharma is a renowned company for indigenous drug preparation for last 60 years.

This company was started by its founder 'VAIDHIYA BOOPATHY' DEIVATHIRU KANNUSAMY PILLAI and his wife SUNDARATHAMMAL from Tiruvarur district. Both of them were serving the poor and the needy in and around that area later, they treated most of the top politicians in Tamil Nadu from the tradition has been continued by his only Daughter Mrs.Dr.Kamalammal who was married to leading pulmonologist at Thanjavur Dr.S.T.Rajamanickam and they both continued with the sidda company with a grand success.

Though Dr.S.T.Rajamanickam was an Allopathic doctor of the superior he uses the sidda preparation because of the superior efficiency and along with him his friend / relation from stanly medical college used most of these company drugs and have proved to be every effective. He has prescribed these drugs to the president of India and few others senior secretor, IAS Officers at that time we still have those appreciation letters from them.

Later the company was run by their son and now their great grand daughter is running the business with great care and devotion.

The company has more than 200 patented medicines. Which are all GMP certified and has the potential to be exported to any in the world.